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Benefit Message Training & Product One-Sheet Template

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Looking to Build a Complete Product Story from Benefit Messaging to Pricing to Powerful CTAs?

Yep, this template and training are for you!


    • Unlimited Access to a 30 Minute Video Training Session
    • Fully Editable Fill-in-the-Blank One-Sheet Product Template
    • 3 Unique Designs to Choose From
    • Product Benefit Messaging Tips
    • Product Pricing Structure Best Practices (so many small businesses undervalue themselves please don’t miss this!)
  • BONUS: A PDF with Best Marketing Tips & Practices for growing your business organically.

  • DOUBLE BONUS: Brand Content Infrastructure Checklist full list of every step needed in your pursuit of zero to a million.


This is both a 30-minute product benefit message training session AND a beautiful, easy-to-use, fully customizable one-sheet template to help any business create cohesive sales-driven copy out of the gate.

Why B Lifted Created This:

Every time I onboard a new brand I immediately ask for their product one-sheet so I know how to explain their vision and so I know their product’s story.

I’m a 10-year copywriting veteran with 5 years of experience in brand incubation for multiple zero to million dollar startups. I’ve worked with big names like Amazon Prime, Universal Pictures, and McDonald’s, even a Shark, and a handful of celebrities.

Now I run my own agency and this is my secret sauce formula to quickly building my clients’ stunning copy that both tells a beautiful story and converts by building trust with the customer. One Sheet outlines you’ll find on Google don’t cut it. They miss multiple exceptionally important pieces of your product’s story both your team and customer needs to know.

My hourly freelance rate is currently $60 and this strategy/design took over 10 hours to fully build.

So you’re receiving a $600 brand-building lesson & template value for just $33.33. 

That’s not including the training video cost which how do I quantify years of copywriting knowledge? I’m not even going to try. 

Why am I offering this? I love small business owners. I believe in each of you so much and want to give you a leg-up I never had when I first began as a marketing manager. It breaks my heart when I get asked to help someone who can’t afford my services yet. This is me helping the best I can. I’m not trying to get rich off these templates/training or I’d charge the crazy fees I see other marketers charge. I’m just trying to make sure you’re serious about this. I know if you invest $33.33 which is an angel number (Google it) you will use this and it will help.

Learn More About Bobbie Jo >>


– Entrepreneurs building the infrastructure of their brands

– Junior copywriters and marketing managers learning to incubate brands

– Businesses looking to start hiring freelancers/customer services members

– Small Businesses needing to organize their products’ messaging so everyone is on the same page

– Marketers preparing to pitch to influencers and the press wanting to look/sound professional

– Managers training new team members and customer service about a product’s main benefits including pricing, reviews, FAQs

This product one-sheet template is the ULTIMATE gift for any junior creatives or copywriters you know and anyone starting a business. This training gets to the core of building effective product messaging without the shame or fluff and with a little comedy because Bobbie Jo doesn’t take herself too seriously.

This one-sheet is the first step you need to begin to hone and expand your brand’s voice. It’s so simple to understand and build. In the training video, I go into a deep dive on product and benefit messaging copywriting specifically.

I’ve worked with so many small business teams that just are not on the same page in terms of messaging, especially as they hire new employees and send out feelers for press/influencers. Everyone saying something different about your products is confusing to your customers and the press.

Imagine with me if everyone from your customer service to your influencers to your product pages all highlight the exact same product story. Building your product’s messaging in a way customers will be able to understand your story and want to spread the message to your friends.

You can create your story, download this into a PDF, and start sharing a professional product story with your customers immediately!

I have priced this so anyone wanting to get their small businesses messaging perfected has the chance.


  • After you complete your purchase, you will receive a link to access your template and the YouTube training.

  • This template is compatible with the free Canva app. You can fully customize your template with your product’s information.

  • Due to the digital nature of this product, all sales are final. Templates may not be replicated and/or sold or distributed. Read our shop FAQ below for any additional questions you might have.

If you JUST want the template WITHOUT the training session you can grab that here, but you’ll be losing so much value and explanation.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Can I add my logo and branding to the templates?

Yes, you must! I have one full page for logo usage so make sure you have all versions of your logo you will be using and any icon you prefer.

  • Can I edit the fonts?

Yes, I need you to! The template was made using my B Lifted fonts so as you go through updating the copy to match your brand’s voice just update those fonts to your brand’s look. I have a full font usage page for you to explain how to use your font.

  • Can I edit the colors?

Absolutely, and you already know I’m going to tell you it’s so needed to use your brand’s colors for this. I have a full page for your color palette and usage.

  • Do you offer refunds?

I do not offer refunds since it’s a digital product. If you have any questions or need support, just email me and I will do my best to make it right.

  • How much is a Canva account?

Canva is amazing and offers a FREE account though I highly recommend you become a Canva pro and upgrade to a Pro Canva account.


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