This case study is strictly representing a vague overview of the strategy I used in this client’s email campaigns and the sales results.

Moving forward to protect this client’s identity/secret sauce as I work with many brands in their particular industry, I will refer to this client as Dunder Mifflin Paper Products and we will be selling “papers”. 😉

Why I’m Using this Client as a Case Study: This is an influencer team leveraging what they do best to build a fertile email list then develop a brand in their category, papers, around that list. They had warm leads coming in daily through their powerful social presence but had no idea how to convert them. These leads were ready for nurturing and harvesting via email.
The Team I Worked With: Me, myself, and I was alone on this one as this was a very green startup. Just two highly intelligent influencers.
My Strategy: Start with a simple abandoned cart sequence, move into a regular newsletter flow with monthly sales and giveaways, and create a upsell/re-up loyalty program post-purchase which encourages special invite-only referrals and cross-sells to help increase the customer’s lifetime value (CLV).
What I Delivered:
 – 4 email sequences fully strategized, written, designed, coded, and put into Klayvio flows.
– 6 months’ worth of newsletters, sales, promos including a BOMB Black Friday sequence with DAILY DOORBUSTERS!
Technology I Used:
 – Shopify
 –  Klayvio
What I Learned:
Warm leads from the right influencers can be converted very quickly with the right education and discounted incentives.
– Our abandoned carts Email #1 was opened at 88% and converted 56% of the time!
– Overall business sales increased by almost double! 
– This is because retention increased an incredible 42%!
– This was a tiny list yielding big profit from a higher quality product.
Look at their first-time purchasers (purple) in the graph above. This is their sales over the months and the teal part of the bar graph is their returning customers, which we all know is most profitable. Email helps retention so so so much. I cannot stress this enough!