According to Marketing Profs and the CMI, 63% of businesses don’t have a documented content strategy. That’s like making it to the Superbowl but leaving your playbook at home.

Is your content process reactive or proactive? Are you rushing to get it out or has it been scheduled well in advance? That’s the difference between a sound, researched content strategy and just chasing down what everyone else does.

This affects everything from your creative team’s mental health to the quality of your content to your actual sales numbers. A tested content strategy stops your brand from wasting time and money.

I’ve built and tested successful content strategies since 2012. I’ve worked for both big guys like Amazon Prime, McDonald’s, and Universal Pictures and little guys just getting started ready to hit the ground running.

Check Out My Email Sales Case Study Here for Receipts. 

Below are the different content strategy options I offer.

I’ve developed each of these packages to include a FREE Best Practices Guide and organization templates. This is going to put any junior marketing manager years ahead in terms of organization without wasting thousands at their hourly rate as they Google how to do things. Trust me, Google ain’t got tested strategies like these.

Remember, this price is for strategy ONLY with the guides. If you need strategy AND content built know the pricing will be more, but we can discuss this in the initial consultation.

B’s Honeypot Brand Launch Strategy

This is a series of 6 half-hour meetings over 8 weeks as you build your brand. This package is for small businesses that don’t have a lot of funding yet but would like a senior marketing manager’s guidance through the infrastructure process. This covers all branding A-Z and leaves you with a plan you or a junior creative can confidently execute.

What’s Included in B’s Honeypot Brand Launch Strategy:
  • 6 half-hour meetings over 8 weeks to discuss any questions as we build your strategy together
  • Style Guide Buildout with Professional Branded Templates + Best Practices Guide
  • Content Strategy w/ Branded Templates + 100 Content Ideas Customized to YOUR Brand
  • Website Copy Best Practices Guide (This includes VERY IMPORTANT information on FDA & FTC compliance you do not want to miss, especially anyone in dropshipping, health, beauty, or cannabis.)
  • Product Page Copy Builder Checklist
  • Branded Content Calendar Templates & Seasonal Promo Checklist
  • Brand FAQs & Store Policies Best Practices
  • SEO/Link Building Ideas Database

Top-level marketers usually charge thousands or sit on your hourly rate for months preparing this level of a fully mapped out brand strategy, but I’m here to help mentor small businesses into creating better content and I know how important funding is early on so I’ve dropped my price for this entire package to only $777.

However, to protect my time I will only be taking on a very limited number of clients for full strategy so spaces usually book up during peak seasons. For this specific package please book a FREE 15-minute consultation to discuss your brand and my availability below.

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B’s Honeycomb Funnel Strategy

This is a series of 3 different 30-minute strategy meetings as we build whatever type of funnel you’re looking to launch. I’m also going to throw in my Landing Pages Best Practices Guide for FREE because I want YOU to know what it feels like to make a million-dollar landing page. Once you understand how to build one funnel I know you’ll hit the ground running building others.

Types of Funnels:

  • Automated Email Drips (Welcome, Product Intro, Post-Purchase, Sale/Giveaway, Product Launch, Course/Class)
  • Social Media Ads Funnel
  • Google/Search Engine Ads Funnel
  • Native Ads Funnel
  • Post-Purchase Upsell Funnel
  • YouTube Series/Course Funnel
What’s Included in B’s Honeycomb Funnel Strategy:
  • 3 half-hour meetings
  • Competitor Research Template
  • TOFU, MOFU, BOFU Funnel Building Templates
  • Ads/Split Testing Best Practices Guide
  • Landing Pages Best Practices Guide for FREE

I have used my content funnel process to help small businesses make millions. I obviously can’t guarantee that for you as it really depends on where your leads are coming from and how many of them there are. However, if you want to expand your marketing team’s building process to include tested strategies DO NOT miss this!

I’ll help train you or your team to build this strategy and use these guides for just $444! Again, I’m a creative by nature so I can only offer so many of these packages each month. Grab a 15-minute pot with me so we can discuss availability and the type of funnel you’re looking to build.

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B’s Flower Power Full Brand Content Audit

I LOVE this one because first I send you some activities to do with your team to get your mind rolling. This helps me download what your concerns and excitements are about your brand because then we have a 1-hour strategy meeting that I promise will NOT be scary. I’m not going to talk down to you. I’m going to help build you up! I might even make it FUN!

What’s Included in B’s Flower Power Full Brand Content Audit:
  • 1-Hour Audit Pick My Brain Popwow
  • Competitor Research Template
  • Audit Quiz & Special SWOT Activity
  • Full 10-Page Audit Breakdown
  • Best Branding & Copy Practices Checklist

I do this one mostly with fresh entrepreneurs and junior marketers who really just want to absorb everything from me as quickly as possible. I enjoy breathing new ideas into great brands. For this full audit, I charge a flat fee of only $111! But again, spaces are limited so book the initial free consultation and we’ll get your audit in motion!

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