I bring da honey.

Freelance Creative

Hi, I’m Bobbie Jo the B of B Lifted Creative.

I adore marketing almost as much as I love being a storyteller. This platform is meant to combine my two passions into one place.

I’m slowly growing this into my personal artistic asylum full of guides, books, artists I love, and my B’s Creative Asylum Podcast launching October 1st!

I’m thrilled to finally be taking this journey. The key to growing any great business is persistence. Let’s show up every day for each other and see where we grow.

My passion for brand building comes from a deep need to help others. Helping is my love language. A strong connection to a brand’s audience AND core team/entrepreneurs is what makes my approach unique. I’m direct and thorough without a huge ego. If you’re just looking for a “yes” woman I am NOT for you.

I have an English A.A. and Mass Communications B.A. I completed my MFA in Professional Screenwriting in 2015 but left halfway through my thesis to run marketing for an incredible incubator. I regret nothing.

Writing is my biggest passion and this year I am finally investing more into this talent for myself. I’m also working to grow as a mentor and public speaker so I’ve made a vow to put myself out there publically every single day for the rest of 2020. Watch me learn, laugh, love, and try over at my PERSONAL (this is NOT business it’s spiritual and opinions y’all) Tik Tok.

In 2019 I was blessed with a beautiful baby boy named Billy. If you’re lucky you will hear him on our calls. Being a mom is one of the greatest gifts I’ve been given.

  • I love live music and dancing of all types.
  • Food and cooking is a HUGE passion of mine (everyone really).
  • I volunteer regularly and feel giving back to my community is what helps me stay grounded.

Some Highlights from My Journey

– I’ve led the launch of 8 brands from scratch to over 1 million in sales in the first year.
– I’ve built social media calendars for major studios such as Amazon Prime, Universal Pictures, and CBS.
– I’ve produced product launch content for over 30 health and wellness CPGs.
– I’ve strategized, wrote, art directed, and analyzed over 100 successful promotional campaigns for everything from theme parks to CBD products.
– I’ve won various awards for campaigns/articles I’ve written including ADDYs and the Inner Circle Award.
– I’ve been able to personally hire and mentor over 30 junior marketers.
– In 2018 I helped non-profit organizations raise over $480 million to build 18 new homeless shelters across Los Angeles. (My proudest accomplishment to date.)


Branding 96%
Copywriting 99%
Email Creation 92%
Graphic Design 82%
Time Wasted 0%
22 yrs

Creative Experience

11 yrs

Marketing Experience


Clients Helped

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