B’s Creative Asylum is officially open!!!

Learning how to build a podcast and deciding what I’m going to do each week has been so scary, fun, frustrating, exciting, and fulfilling! All the emotions went into this and I’m only at episode one. I’m going to keep getting better so keep coming back each week.

Thank you so much to everyone who has reached out with support and love for all the new things I’m working on. Let’s show up every single day through the rest of the year and see what happens! Here’s she goes. 

Episode 2 | Finding Your Entrepreneurial Purpose B's Creative Asylum | Small Business Advice

Episode 2 is about finding your passion, purpose, and ability to help others. This is what drives truly great businesses and makes wonderful entrepreneurs. If you don’t believe me you’ll certainly believe Richard Branson or Seth Godin’s advice right? I’m going to be trying out different intros so feel free to shoot me a message with whichever you like. I’m adding another week to the FREE Product One-Sheet Template Download. Grab it here. https://bliftedcreative.com/2020/10/14/bs-creative-asylum-episode-1/ Check out B Lifted Creative for all of your Black Friday Promotional needs and small business content.  http://www.bliftedcreative.com Find me on IG at @bliftedcreative @bobbiejostuff Find me on Tok @blifted Join the Jenny Chang Gang on IG @jennychanggang or yay, she’s back on Tok @iamjennychang You can help the Daytona Dream Center at https://www.daytonadreamcenter.com/ On IG @daytonadreamcenter or their parent center at @ladreamcenter Scoop up them yummy apple from Amy's Candy Kitchen at https://www.amyscandykitchen.com/ Have a wonderful week my busy little bees! — Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/bliftedcreative/message
  1. Episode 2 | Finding Your Entrepreneurial Purpose
  2. God in the Odd | Episode 1 with co-host Fake Morgan Freeman

And as promised! Here’s where you can access my one-sheet template and my BONUS YouTube explaining how to create your very own one-sheet using this template. This has a lot of branding, copywriting, and pricing structure advice.

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Grab those links from this PDF here BUT on 10/22 this template will become a paid product on my new store I will be launching next week. 

Thanks again for the support and please be sure to find B’s Creative Asylum on whichever podcast player you love most! 

See you next week! Also, scoop up the free Black Friday Checklist by joining my email list. It’s Q4 and time to harvest that HONEY! Ask me how! 

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